VEILED VIRTUES by Jan Fischer-Wade
Yes, modern day English knights do exist... 
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Alphabetical Listing of Featured Authors for the
Summer Teen Reading Party!
(Note: prices may vary by store / site)
   Banyan               $1.99!!!!!
   Read Me Dead                 Amazon
   Piercing Through the Darkness      Amazon    $1.99!!!!!!
   Crossed Out   Amazon    Kindle    Fictionwise  
   Earrings of Ixtumea  $1.99!!!!!    Amazon     MuseItUpPublishing    Smashwords 
   Summer on Fire          $1.99!!!!
Bad Spelling (Book 1 of Witches of Galdorheim):     MuseItUp   Amazon   B&N    $1.99!!!
Midnight Oil (Book 2 of Witches of Galdorheim):      MuseItUp    Amazon               $1.99!!!
Scotch Broom (Book 3 of Witches of Galdorheim):  MuseItUp    Amazon               $1.99!!!
Quest for the Simurgh:   Kindle   
Eagle Quest:                   Kindle    Smashwords
Tales of a Texas Boy:    Kindle     Smashwords
   Chosen Sister   Amazon
    A School for Villians    Amazon
Douglas, Conda     $1.99!!!
   Mall Faires Exile:  Amazon   MuseItUpPublishing
  Once Again
   It I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor    $1.99!!!!
      MuseItUp Publishing       Amazon      Barnes & Noble
   Hike Up Devil's Mountain    99cents!!!!
   Veiled Virtues                    $1.99!!!
      MuseItUp Publishing   Amazon (kindle)    OmniLit     Bookstrand   Smashwords   Diesel   Kobo    AmazonUK
   Elements Series
      Elements: The Beginning  99cents!!!!
        Elements: Kingdom of Aqueos - coming soon!!!
     Season's Change - Summer     Amazon
   Ebenezer's Locker - coming soon!!!
Prevost, H.M.              $1.99!!!!
   Desert Fire:  MuseItUp Publishing     Amazon
   Seraphyn Wars YA Series:
      Harpies        NEW!!!
      Prophecy     99 cents!!!
      Odessa       $1.99!!!
   Stardust Warrior Tween / YA Series:    99 cents each!!!!
   Searching For a Starry Night    B&N Nook     B&N print     Amazon Print- Kindle     KOBO    Smashwords    Sony eBook    iTunes
   Veiled Virtues            $1.99!!!
   Emily's House          99 cents!!!!
    Barnes & Noble